We’ve PROOF Where Lesbian Stereotypes Are True – HER

No doubt you’ve heard it prior to: “Lesbians all really love cats” or “Lesbians tend to be awesome into Roller Derby”, it is this really correct?

We analysed over 5 million emails sent in the software in the past month to show whether these duplicated lesbian stereotypes have any reality in them.

We looked into the very best mentioned activities, how frequently our consumers speak about their ex girlfriends, just how females identify on their own today and a lot more.

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Stereotype number 1: Lesbians Are Wild Cat Ladies

Outcome: FALSE

It is an appealing any because it’s a stereotype that seems to be opting for days gone by 40 years: lesbian love kitties.

Perform they? They might, however they undoubtedly love puppies much more.

Dogs have pointed out 1.7 instances MORE than kitties. There are almost 30,000 discussions relating to canines.

Bear In Mind The Woman Cat?

They write: https://www.datinglesbians.ca/women-seeking-women/

Stereotype number 2: Lesbians are really into Roller Derby

Outcome: FAKE

Here’s the menu of the most effective sporting events talked-about by Her users:

  1. Soccer

  2. Softball

  3. Rugby

  4. Hockey

  5. Golf

Do not determine if it had been the babes inside USWNT, but football features definitely found one’s heart of queer ladies across the globe.

Soccer could officially have a straight bigger advantage on other activities, but since it is called by”soccer” in a lot of nations. We’ll never know.

Rugby in addition most likely provides an unjust benefit because of timing – the Men’s Rugby industry Cup is going on.

Roller Derby, however, is nowhere near that record. Actually golf had gotten spoken of 3.3x more than Roller Derby. Who would have considered?

Stereotype no. 3: The L Word Is Always Lesbians’ Favourite Show

Outcome: FALSE

Although The L Word are likely to be for years and years (but ideally maybe not) guide for queer females throughout the world, it really is definitely not current many spoken any.

Turns out Orange Will Be The brand new Ebony had been mentioned double the amount since L keyword across the Her program.

Ruby Rose or Shane, the argument continues.

Stereotype # 4: Lesbians Discuss Alot About Their Exes. Maybe Too-soon.


Ex-girlfriends were mentioned in 1 in every 50 talks yesteryear thirty days. Which is almost 15 thousand ladies that went “Yes, I’m not sure you that really but without a doubt about my personal ex”.

Or these people weren’t talking-to people they will have only came across on software, but to buddies they had extra with your brand new buddies feature.

Anyway, women, let’s together all move forward.

Stereotype # 5: The Woman Is An Application Limited To Lesbian Females

Result: Dude, no

It is one we listen to a loooot. A

ctually, just 41per cent of one’s userbase determines as either lesbian or gay. Imagine you did maybe not see that one coming.

Certainly we really do not rely on these stereotypes or perpetuating all of them, very making enjoyable of these is actually a healthy and balanced workout, specially when you may have real information.

Are you experiencing any questions on LGBTQ females you would want to end up being answered with information?

Respond back the following just in case it intrigues united states enough, we are going to consider it!